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Our features



endless waves in one of the longest left point break of the world, hang fives, tacos, sunsets, margaritas, swims with turtle, natural hot springs, and new lifelong friendships…

what we offer


  • 7 days/6 nights in our surf house (departures and arrivals on Sundays)
  • Rooms with AC and internet
  • Welcome dinner on Sunday night
  • Breakfasts by a private chef every morning
  • 1 Longboard Theory class
  • 6 surf sessions of 2 hours filmed in the morning 
  • Video analysis every day
  • Car transfers to the beach everyday
  • Daily professional surf videos
  • Airport transfers included the first day and last day of the retreat (on Sundays only – if you arrive on another day, you must arrange your airport transfer)
  • Natural hots springs 
*not included: flights, surfboards (longboards rental available at an extra cost if you don’t bring your own), travel insurance, lunch and dinner. 


  • professional longboard rental (120$ for the week)
  • baby turtles release at sunset (10$)
  • photography in the water (240$ , up to 4 persons)  
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Your typical Logsurfretreat day begins with coffee/tea, and fresh local fruits along with a Mexican breakfast prepared by our private chef Moni. Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten free options are available every morning. After breakfast, apply your sunscreen, fill-up your water bottle from our drinkable water stations and we’re driving everyone to the beach! It’s time to surf! 

You wax your longboard, put your surf hat on, zinc on your face and jump in the water with your coach Dan. The surf session is about two hours long, while Dan is in the water with you and Elise films from the beach. If you want to surf longer after the surf coaching ends, you can of course stay in the water and surf as long as you want. 

For lunch, everyone usually likes to eat in one of the local restaurants on the beach, while watching the waves rolling. Tacos, quesadillas, fresh fish caught in the morning, coconut shrimps, ceviches … An entire week would not be long enough to try all of the delicious mexican food. After lunch, we give you the option to come back home with us or to stay on the beach to chill and surf some more. 

In the afternoon, we often have some optionnal activities planned out for you, whether it is to visit the natural hot springs, go for a surfskate session in a skatepark, go for some local shopping in a nearby-town, shop at a local fruits market, enjoy a sunset on the beach with drinks, or even release some baby turtle on the beach… 

For dinner, we like to recommend some small local restaurants in town, where you can try authentic and traditional mexican tacos. This is usually one of the highlights of our previous guest’s experience at Log surf retreats. If you do not feel like eating out, you can always buy some food at the groceries store and cook at home. Last but not least, the day is not over without the video analysis of your morning surf session. After dinner, we all go home and watch everyone’s videos while Dan and Elise analyse each waves and go more-in-depth into the technics of noseriding. 


Our retreats are designed for intermediate-to-advanced surfers. You must be confident in the water on your own , know how to catch waves on your own (not in the whitewash), and know how to turn/ take directions / avoid other surfers that might get on your way. If you know the basics of surfing, we will adapt the coaching to your level 🙂

Yes. If you don’t want to bring your own longboard, we have high quality longboards for rent here at an extra cost. 

There is only one surf session with coaching per day (in the morning) but afternoons are free. Each day we will offer to take you on some optional activities (natural hot springs, turtle release, skatepark…) but you can also just stay at the beach for some free surf.

There are different restaurants at the beach and around our house in town as well. Each day, we will offer to take you to different restaurants so you can taste and enjoy the local food. If you don’t feel like eating out all the time, there are also small grocery stores around the house where you can shop. We have a fridge and a big kitchen for you to use in the house. 

We have vegetarian options, as well as vegan, gluten free and dairy-free options for breakfast. We will ask you if you have any dietary preference before the retreat so our chef can cook accordingly.

Airport is Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa.

Airport transfers are included in the retreat on the first day and last day (i.e. on Sundays). If you want to arrive or leave on another day, you must arrange your airport transfers at your own cost.

On the first day, everyone checks in. We will all meet in the house at 5pm to start with an introduction and the longboard theory class, followed by our welcome dinner. On the last day we will have breakfast together and sadly say goodbye. 

There is an ATM  on the road between our house and the beach so we can stop on the way everyday to withdraw money.

You can come as a couple. If your partner is not a surfer and is not interested in the surf coaching, contact us at [email protected] inquire about pricing. 

  • Sunscreen (reef friendly) and Zinc
  • Swimsuit/Bikini/Boardshort (no wetsuit needed here)
  • Surf hat/ long sleeve rash guard for the sun
  • Water bottle
  • Wax
  • Mosquito spray
  • Small medicine kit
  • A USB-stick/hard drive to get your videos everyday

Please read all our terms and conditions here. 

What We Do

We take your longboarding skills to the next level and offer you an authentic local surf experience in Mexico. Come surf with us and enjoy waves.

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